Balance Training


The FallTrak II balance system is one of the leading tools in fall prevention. At Millburn Physical Therapy , we implement this technology for Posturography testing (fall assessment) and treatment if necessary. The Falltrak II system offers computerized objective evaluations to identify specific impairments and tailored, interactive exercise routines proven to address current and/or potential issues that can potentially reduce the risk of falls.

How FallTrak II Works

Utilizing a balance board, display screen and specialized software, FallTrak II is a two-step process:

1. evaluation of the patients balance
2. balance training (if necessary)

This state of the art system can help evaluate a patients risk of falling or balance issues. The purpose of the testing is to provide both functional and objective information.

Functional evaluations determines impairments in the patients ability to balance themselves due to poor postural control. This may be do to poor range of motion, limited stability, anticipatory postural adjustments, how your body responds to loss of balance, sensory orientation, and gait.

Objective evaluation gives you a series of tasks to complete that help identify weak areas and generate training programs to help strengthen them up.

All test take into consideration your age and height, meaning they’re cross-referenced with respective data sets, making it easy to set goals, provide measurable progress, and work to reduce your fall risk. Each program is customized to fit your needs.

What Goes On During Treatment

If it’s your initial treatment, we’ll put you through a series of balance tests while standing on the FallTrak II board. You’re able to use a walker or cane while testing. Your Physical Therapist will remain close for your safety and comfort.

The exercises will help train your body to promote effective anticipatory and reactive control when standing or walking on uneven surfaces.
Balance tests include stability, mobility, stability envelope, weight shifting, and limits of stability.

As you perform balance tests to the best of your ability, the board records and analyzes your movements, providing a numerical score that is compared to the normal range. If at any time you need to pause, we welcome you to do so. Pace yourself as needed so you can get the most out of therapy at Millburn Physical Therapy.