Elain Libby PT MSPT

Elain Libby PT MSPT is the Director of Millburn Physical Therapy. Elain has been a licensed Physical Therapist for 19 years. Elain and her family have been active members of the local community since 2001. Elain received her undergraduate degree from Brandeis University and her MS in Physical Therapy from Simmons College in Boston, Mass. Elain is a Certified Clinical Instructor and a member of the APTA. Elain received her Certified in Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT/Balance) The American Institute of Balance with Dr. Richard Gans. We remain an affiliate of AIB. This certification allows Elain to treat patients with Vestibular disorders as well as balance dysfunction. Elain has vast experience in a multitude of Physical Therapy venues including inpatient, outpatient and subacute rehabilitation, geriatric and sports injuries. Elain loves leading the team at Millburn Physical Therapy. "It is extremely fulfilling to assist my patients in every aspect of their PT care whether it be home exercise education or active care in the office. There is not a better feeling then knowing I have helped someone return to a healthy, active, fulfilling life after an injury or illness.  This is my primary focus here at Millburn Physical Therapy."

Dr. Jaime Goldfarb Taylor

Dr. Jaime Goldfarb Taylor is our director of Audiology. Jaime has worked at Millburn PT since she was 15 years old. Two years ago Dr. Jaime Goldfarb Taylor joined the practice. As a Doctor of Audiology, Jaime is an expert in the treatment and diagnosis of balance and hearing disorders. Dr. Taylor can test and provide hearing aids to those patients that need them. Millburn PT is extremely proud that we are the only office besides JFK Hospital Neuroscience Center which provides physical therapists and audiologists working together with patients with balance issues in the North/Central Jersey area. Jaime is also the Director of Audiology for Dr. David Goldfarb at Princeton Ears Nose and Throat located in Princeton, New Jersey. Jaime has received substantial medical experience working as part of a Princeton ENT team.

Laurie Fern Goldfarb

Laurie Fern Goldfarb a Certified Personal Trainer has 15 years of experience working with Physical Therapists and Patients.  A exercise program is setup by the Physical Therapist and Laurie will educate you on to perform these exercises in a safe manor as well as a safe environment all under the supervision of the Physical Therapist. Laurie says "The exercises that our patients learn make them able to function pain free long after they finish their care in our office. Laurie offers private and group Training sessions without attending PT in our office.

Millburn Physical Therapy also treats outpatient ailments such as neck and back, shoulders, knees, hands, feet and post-surgical rehabilitation. Millburn Physical Therapy has treated many Olympic Figure Skaters and some of the world's top athletes over the past 20 years. Our mission is to offer the best care possible to every patient and know them by name not just an insurance number. Dr. Goldfarb no longer physically treats patents at Millburn Physical Therapy but is happy to consult with you and Elain should you have any questions regarding your care.

It has been documented that the #1 cause of death in senior citizens is complications due to falls.

Millburn PT's mission is to save lives thru education and treatment. Millburn Physical Therapy provides Computerized Balance Testing (takes 10 mins) that can give us an indication of whether you have a high risk of falling.

Dr. Goldfarb is proud to say that since starting practice in 1983, he has never turned away a patient solely for the reason of the inability to pay. Dr. Goldfarb plans to keep that policy until he no longer owns and operates Millburn Physical Therapy.