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Is a loss of balance control an inevitable consequence of aging?

Answer: No! 

As we get older there is nothing specific that would jeopardize your balance. Seniors without health issues are quite able to perform daily life activities without physical limitations. Recent studies show that there is a notable difference in Seniors with vs. Seniors without health issues in chances of injury due to falls or loss of balance.  Dizziness among older adults can also be caused by a decrease in muscle strength and activity.

Diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, or even a stroke can be the primary cause in  individuals experiencing balance problems. However, diseases are not the only reason that your balance may be compromised.  History of injuries, such as concussions, ear infections, or serious sprains or fractures, may contribute to a loss of balance. It should also be noted that  various combinations of medications, both prescription and over the counter, can effect our senses or brain and cause either temporary or permanent damage effecting your balance as well as other organ functions.

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